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Sid Plumbing and Heating provides our customers looking for plumbers in Dublin a full range of plumbing services for both commercial and domestic customers. From leaking pipes and taps to boiler replacements and flushing radiators, Sid’s Plumbing with over 40 years experience offers these highly reputable and presenting high-quality services.


Services we offer

With years of experience in different plumbing sectors, such as heating services, showers, oil boiler repairs, fixing of blocked drains, leaky taps, radiator replacements, and power flushing, we complete jobs faster, offering permanent solutions. This is because we have handled similar problems before, and therefore do not have to try to figure out which parts should go where or how the problem should be fixed. If you need to have your radiator replaced for instance, why have an inexperienced plumber spend most of their time on one job? You want to be sure that after the problem has been fixed, you will not need the plumber for the same problem again.

Experience allows us to offer a wide range of services. The most popular services offered include the repair of water leakages, installation of new pipes, gas lines upgrading, and power flushing, among others. We can comfortably offer services of different magnitudes in different and unique angles. While DIY projects are popular among many homeowners, it is not easy or safe to handle major renovations or improvements. While fly-by-night service providers may be solely interested in scoring a few quick bucks, we have offered our services for a considerable amount of time and are more interested in building a list of loyal clients, thereby providing high-tech services.


Why choose us?

Plumbing is a field that requires a great deal of technical knowledge and experience. While a novice may have the problem somehow fixed, Sid’s is an experienced plumber in Dublin and knows exactly what to fix where without leading to stress that could potentially lead to failure or risk the lives of the property occupants. We are convenient, affordable, and have a track record of handling emergencies in real-time, and giving quality results in every project. High success rate is something that takes time and diligent work ethics to achieve and maintain, the key reason you should trust your plumbing concerns with us.


No Callout Fees

We never charge for cal out fees. While some Dublin plumbing companies still chargcustomers callout fees, however we only charge you for work we do and not for travelling to you.



“Sid Plumbing and Heating was very fast and efficient. We are happy with the job done as our issues where all solved.” Rothio Estepa, Dublin 2

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Sids Plumbing Dublin – No Call Out Fees

Sid’s Plumbing and Heating team service the entire Dublin region. We are a 24/7 Emergency service.


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Plumbing Company in North Dublin Sid Ryan has been a Dublin plumber for 40 years and has a vast experience. Trusted as the "Family" plumber he is recommended by clients to their relatives and friends throughout Dublin for any plumbing services. From fixing a leaky tap, to installing a dishwasher, to doing boiler maintenance, to flushing radiators and plumbing a new house, Sid is the dependable registered plumber, especially in an emergency.



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