Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

Our Services Listed Below and Get Over 40 Years Plumbing Experience

Our services include a full range of Plumbing and Heating services in North Dublin which we have been providing for over 40 years.


***** If you have a Plumbing or Heating related emergency call our 24-hour emergency service today on Emergency 0866049361 Office 019610055 – we will make time for you.

We Provide

A Full Range Of Heating Services



  • Sid’s Plumbing and Heating is a Registered contractor which means that we are a fully Insured Scheme and includes a full set of automatic controls
  • We are (RGII) Registered Gas Installers,
  • Radiator replacement and TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) fitted.
  • Gas leaks, repaired.
  • Gas lines, upgraded.

For all of your Heating Services, Call us at Mob 086 6049361, Office 01-9610055 We will be waiting for your call!

Our aim is to respond to your call as soon as it comes in so your issue does not escalate and become a serious problem.

*If the heating service you require is not listed drop us an email or give us a call. There is little in Plumbing we have not done before!


Professional Plumbing Services




  • Showers electric and manual supplied and fitted.
  • Emergency Plumbing Services in Dublin.
  • Airlocks cleared
  • Immersions fitted
  • Ballcock replaced
  • Toilet Syphons replaced/Not flushing
  • Domestic water pressure pumps, repaired or replaced.
  • Attic tank replacement.
  • We install new stainless steel and copper hot water cylinders (All sizes).
  • Washing machines fitted.
  • Dishwashers fitted.
  • Kitchen taps supplied and fitted or repaired.
  • Garden taps supplied and fitted.


  • Blocked kitchen sinks and connecting drain pipes cleared.
  • Blocked outdoor drains cleared.
  • Blocked toilets / WC cleared.
  • Blocked sewer pipes cleared.

Please call Office 019610055, Allways Mob 086-6049361 for a Quotation on anything listed above.



Boiler Maintenance, Installation and Service



Boiler Installation

All our gas and oil boilers are A rated. We will give you our expert advice on the best brands to choose.
For a plumber near you, phone us on 086-6049361.Office 01-9610055 for more information.

Gas Boiler Servicing

  • We visually check the flue ways and terminal
  • We check the combustion air requirements
  • A check of the working pressure at the meter and appliance
  • Checking the gas rates for the appliance
  • A gas tightness test
  • Checking the standing pressures
  • Checking the pilot injectors and seals
  • Cleaning the fan and burner assembly
  • A flue flow test
  • A spillage test

Oil Boiler Servicing

A visual inspection to check for oil leaks from the tank and/or pipes and fittings is carried out by one of our team. Any signs of corrosion in the flue or any parts of the boiler and possible cracks in the firebox or target wall are all fixed. We ensure that the draft regulator can move freely also.

  • The oil boiler itself will need to be checked for the proper operation of the oil shut off valve and the flame failure device along with the draught stabilizer and any cracking in the burner refractory. The fuel filter and burner nozzle will need to be replaced and the spark electrodes, burner diffuser, flame photocell and air tube cleaned
  • A combustion efficiency test
  • A thorough inspection of the entire heating system including thermostats and zone values is also carried out

We offer a full boiler service and maintenance to include the water side of the system to make sure all the radiators are working. This includes a full carbon monoxide test using an Anton Analyser. We will provide a printed report of our findings for your convenience. (This deal applies to Gas and Oil Boilers only)