Plumbing Dublin 24 hour emergency

11 Oct. 16

Emergency Plumbing Repair

If you have a leaking pipe, the first thing is too turn the water off.

This can be done from the valves in the hot press where the Hot water cylinder is. it is wise to turn off all the valves to be sure as the leak may be on a heating pipe or a plumbing pipe. If the valves are seized up, you will need to turn the water off from the incoming main. this valve will be under the kitchen sink, or you may have to go outside to turn it off at the meter. You should then turn on the taps in your Bath and wash hand basin this will empty your tanks.

To slow the flow rate as quick as possible from the leak, tying a knot in the center of a long sock, and placing the knot into the hole of the leaking pipe, then tie it tight into position, this will slow the flow rate of the leak, if it’s on a pipe joint tie the sock around the joint, and call an Emergency Plumber in Dublin as quick as possible on 0866049361.

for a leak it is best to call the number rather than email or message as a quick response is required. We can then come out and fix this for you.