Blocked Drain

11 Oct. 16

Blocked Drain Pipe

The reasons for never using a chemical drain un-blocker on blocked drain pipe in domestic home is simple:

1. They are harmful to the environment, and 9 times out of 10 they won’t unblock the drain pipe completely,
2, if it hasn’t unblocked the drain and the water is still laying there, if you haven’t fallowed the correct instructions it can harden like concrete and fully block the drain, needing the pipe-work to be repiped,this water is also full of Acid and is very dangerous and will burn through clothing and skin, so when you call a Dublin Plumber to clear the drain pipe make sure to inform the Plumber the you have used a Chemical drain un-blocker so he can take the necessary action to protect himself, before he unblocks the drain pipe, Phone Sid, a Dublin Plumber on 086-6049361