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Plumber Portmarnock do you need a reliable plumber in Portmarnock Co Dublin?, If the answer is yes you have found Sid’s Plumbing an innovative Dublin Plumbing and Heating company. In the years we have been in the industry we have advised our clients to be preventative instead of being reactive to a plumbing problem, if you live in Portmarnock area and experience a Water pipe leak, Dripping Overflow, Leaking Gas, Water Pump Problems, Toilets Not Filling or Flushing, Kitchen Sink Not Draining, a breakdown or a slowdown in water pressure, In addition, please view (What We Do) as a fully registered business that can easily provide you with plumbing services, you can rely on. Above all, It’s hard finding a reliable plumbing professional, and our team is already here to ensure that you never have to worry about issues like this.

As an example of our work with cylinders, showers, or just repair old pipes, that can be done right away. Our team has access to some of the latest technologies, tools and materials on the market. That makes it easy for us to offer you all the tools and benefits that you may need. In the end, our repairs get to last for a very long time and you will be quite impressed with the outcome.

Why Choose Us?

For more than 40 years we have created a reputation for ourselves by undertaking efficient and timely repairs which exceed our customer’s expectations, our Plumber Portmarnock team of highly-trained plumbers ensures that all repairs are done right, our business is based on customer satisfaction since we understand the need for effectiveness and speed as far as handling plumbing emergencies,we encourage our clients to be proactive Particularly when facing a plumbing emergency, like closing off a valve (Turn to the right) to reduce the flow of water because this goes a long way in protecting their property from extensive damage Especially in the case of a burst pipe I have seen what it can do in comparision to a small leak the does damage over a long period.

By virtue of being a trusted family plumber, our services are convenient friendly and affordable. Follow-up phone calls are scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, It’s important to ensure that the repairs are properly functioning.

Free estimates, In conclusion, it’s safe to say that you do want you to have a good idea of the total costs before you agree to a specific service. Due to that, our team brings you some of the best estimates on the market.



“Sid was a gent , completed the job without any disruption . Would recommend him without hesitation , Really knew his stuff and did a great job.”

Deborah O Boyle, Portmarnock, County Dublin

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Call our office on 019610055 or if its an emergency you can contact Sid directly 24/7 on 0866049361

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Plumbing and Heating Portmarnock Dublin


All domestic pumps replaced or reconditioned.


Leaking Hot Water Cylinders or Boilers Replaced.

Kitchen Sink Blocked Or Leaking

Blocked Kitchen Sinks and Connecting Drain Pipes Cleared.

Toilets Not Flushing Or Leaking

All Internal Parts Replaced.


Overflows Dripping Or Taps Leaking.